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Marapco believe that knowledge is power and ongoing learning is imperative to the continuing success of our business. Our competitive market training is necessary in order to improve our employees’ performance, plus help them attain a required level of knowledge and skills. We firmly believe in mutual collaboration with all our valuable stakeholders and thus are keen on sharing our knowledge with our customers as well.

Marapco can provide training in the following areas but is not limited to:

    • 2×06 Electronic Engines
    • 1300 Electronic Engines
    • 1600 Electronic Engines
    • 400 Series Engines
    • 4000 Series Engines
    • 1100 Series Engines
    • DSE 8610 Synchronising
    • DSE 6110/6120/7320 Controllers
    • Marapco ATS
    • L. Series Governors
    • Heinzmann Governors
    • How to read electrical drawings and use a multimeter
    • General genset awareness
    • Fault finding & testing
    • Engine electrical break down
    • Genset safety awareness

    Please feel free to Contact Us for more information.