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The engine powering the Main AC Alternator has been specifically selected for it reliability and is of the heavy duty industrial 4 stroke compression ignition type. The engine may have multiple accessories fitted that may include turbochargers, mechanical or electronic governors, dry air filters etc.
The main AC Alternator is of the self exciting, regulated brushless type and matched to the KVA output of the generating set.
One of several types may be fitted to your generator set and will control, monitor and protect all parts of the generating set and display certain information like battery charging volts, engine oil pressure, engine temperature, AC volts, Frequency, RPM etc.
The generator is fitted with AV mounts which are designed to eliminate any vibration transmission either between the engine/Main AC Alternator and the baseframe or between the baseframe and the ground. (If the genset is solidly mounted to the baseframe).
A device used to connect one power source to a load, or to another power source. Breakers can be either manually or automatically operated, and may contain overcurrent protection
The AVR controls the output of the alternator to maintain a +/- 0.5% voltage regulation whether the generator set is on full load or no load.
The air filter is designed to remove any large airborne particles from the supply of air into the cylinder, required for combustion.
An oil filter is designed to filter out any small debris that may enter the oil lubrication system from the oil sump, oil pickup pipe, oil pump before it goes out to all of the main oil galleries in the engine, some engines may have more than one oil filter fitted.
This is a filter that is designed to filter out any harmful debris that may enter the fuel injection system, some are fitted with a glass bowl which is for draining water out of the fuel.
A device used to maintain a fixed speed on the engine. All governors will have multiple components fitted that may include, a magnetic pick-up, actuator, controller or ECM.
The engine is fitted with special type of radiator, pusher fan, thermostat and an engine driven water pump. The fan pushes the air through the radiator which cools the engine coolant (circulated by the engine driven coolant pump) as it passes through the internal vertical cores running from the top radiator tank to the bottom tank before entering the engine again. The thermostat helps to maintain an engine temperature to ensure efficient engine operation. Care should be paid to where the generating set is situated as there should be plenty of airflow around the genset and the exit area of the radiator.
This is where the fuel supply and return will be connected to from a remote fuel tank.
This is an engine driven device used to charge the starting batteries whilst the engine is running and is normally of the brushed type using slip rings.
This is used during engine starting, and turns electrical energy into rotational movement to crank the engine over.
This is constructed from heavy duty, powder painted steel channel. The baseframe is designed to securely hold the coupled engine and main AC alternator, it may have a fuel tank fitted depending on the size of the genset.
This is where the engine oil is refilled to maintain the correct level of oil by checking the oil dipstick.
This helps to maintain a healthy oil temperature so that oil viscosity is correct for lubrication of all rotating metal parts.
These are normally lead acid type and in single configuration for 12v starting systems or both parallel and series configuration for 24v starting systems.